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Something’s stirring in the darkness

I have been away for quite sometime. My mother passed away in February. It took a while to deal with all the feelings of losing the only parent you had alive, even though she had been withering away for a long time already due to a Parkinson’s disease. Dying also leaves a lot of paperwork for those staying alive… At the same time our regular roleplaying group went also on hiatus because of mismatching schedules. So it has been very quiet here for a long time.

Lately I have managed to play quite a few scenarios of Combat Commander: Mediterranean though. I really like the system of Combat Commander. The game really reflects the chaos of the battlefield nicely with random events and the aspect of hand management of your fate deck. I’ll probably get to play another session in a few days and make an after action report of that.

So I believe this blog will crawl out of darkness soon…


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