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Mastering the HMB character

Happy new year everyone! Well it’s better late than never as they say. Our gaming group has been on extended holiday season hiatus and so has this blog also but now it’s time to finish the creation of that elven thief for Hackmaster Basic system.

A short but hopefully interesting background story for him is here.

Melidor was born in the beautiful city of Cilorealon 134 years ago. He is a high elf or lathlani as they call themselves. in his childhood when he was around 30 years old he witnessed the surrounding human nations starting to break independent from the Kalamaran empire. King Sendir offered the help of elves to Pekal and Melidor’s father was among the rangers sent to help humans. Unfortunately Melidor’s father never returned from the war, supposedly killed by Kalamaran scout patrol. His mother is a Holder of the Black Key in the Temple of Enchantment, serving Halobrendar (or Riftmaster) faithfully. From his mother Melidor has learned some secrets of magic and has some arcane knowledge. Melidor himself tends to follow more the teachings of Landobalaen – Master of Stealth – though. He has a younger brother training in the military of the city but his younger sister was stillborn after the news of his father’s death reached their mother.

The fate of his father stirred a hatred towards Kalamaran empire in Melidor’s heart but in general he keeps rather good although distant realations with humans. He is trained to work as a scout or even spy for Cilorealon. His supremes have seen his disdain towards Kalamar so they have sent Melidor on a mission in another direction to make sure he does not get in too much trouble right away. He has recently arrived at the city-state of P’Bapar, the first state to break free from Kalamaran empire.

Here you can find his stats filled in a handy fillable charactersheet created by Greylond.

You can notice there are some unused build points left that can be used to tweak him a little bit. One thing to do is buy him some appropriate languages like elven, kalamaran and merchant tongue perhaps.

Feel free to use him in your Hackmaster games as a PC or NPC.


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