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Mastering the Hack, Finishing Character

After a short hiatus it’s finally a time to finish my first Hackmaster Basic character. I spent a great deal of Building points on different skills and also Charm Resistant talent. Then I bought one step of specialization for long sword Attack and Defense. That left me two BPs to save for later use. The final steps are more like polishing up the character.

First I roll Hit points for my thief with d6. Starting hit points are calculated by adding character’s constitution score (12 for my thief) + size bonus (5 for elves) + die roll. I rolled 3 so my thief’s starting hit points are nice and round 20 HPs. I also record the die result on the sheet as Hackmaster has an interesting system for gaining hit points when leveling up. Every odd level the character gains a new die roll and every even level he gains a re-roll for the previous roll. The better result is then used for HP total. If the die rolls badly you the character would still get half of the maximum result of the die rolled. So when my thief gains his second level he re-rolls the 3 he got at the first level. He gets a 5 from the d6 and he would have 22 HPs at second level.

Next step is to record base attack, defense, damage and Initiative modifiers on the sheet. That is quite straight forward step. My Thief gets a basic initiative modifier of 0, base attack modifier of +2, base defense bonus of +3 and damage modifier of -1.

Then I roll 2d12 + 35 silver coins for starting money and the result is 48. That’s not much but about average. Merchant/Traveler bundle has all the basic equipment the character would need (clothing and some food and hiking equipment) for 6 silvers. Leather armor costs another 6 silvers and long sword costs 20 silvers. That leaves another 16 silvers to spend. Longbow has to wait as it costs 75 silvers but dagger is useful for 2 silvers. Thief should also have tools of his trade and they cost 6 silvers too. That’s enough for now and my character will have 8 silvers to spend in tavern while waiting for adventure to march in from the front door. One more 1d12p + 130 gives my thief a starting age of 134 years.

Next time I’ll come up with a background story for this elven thief and try to put up his character sheet available to all of you to use as a pregen PC or NPC in your adventures.


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