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Playing D&D 4e this week

On monday we continued our 4e D&D campaign. The Dungeon Master managed to have a QPK or Quarter Party Kill and almost an HPK too 😉 Usually the PC deaths have been averted so far with my cleric’s powerful 2nd level utility spell which triggers when an ally fails a death save and grants him a healing surge. This time however a fenhydra got all four attacks through our Dragonborn paladin and rended him into shish kebab on the second turn of the combat! The rest of the battle was rather demanding with only three of us left and a dozen minions (elven archers mostly) and their commanders fighting us besides the hydra.

It still seems very safe rule system for the characters statistically. With wise use of healing surges the players can be quite assured they’ll survive even the most difficult encounters. Then comes some statistic anomaly of Hydra and strikes four hits to one character and reduces his HPs down to the immediate death. Is that the only way to create danger of death in 4e? I can’t help but compare this with Hackmaster Basic system (and several others similar systems) where each creature (well at least most of them) have some certain value of damage that can knock the character out without having to grind him down to 0 HP or lower. That also ensures that almost each attack can be lethal if the opponent could coup de grâce his helpless adversary. Please bring the danger back into 4e!


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