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Mastering the Hack, quirks and flaws

I decided to postpone fleshing out the character background until I know the rest of his attributes. Even the very next step will certainly give more tools for detailing the background. Each character is required to have one quirk and one flaw. They are both meant to be more descriptive role-playing elements than actually debilitating features of the characters.

Quirks are mental properties and include such things as different superstitions and obnoxious habits. They should lead into interesting roleplaying situations and technically they penalize characters little or none at all. My elf rolled for ‘Nosy’ as his quirk. He can’t help himself but get into conversations of others and make constant inquiries about others’ personal matters or eavesdropping etc. Many people would consider such a habit rude at least. That is kind of befitting habit for a thief though.

Flaws are more physical inconveniences . They range from flatulence to sterile. Again they are not meant to give huge disadvantages to characters but sterile is in my opinion getting close to that because it completely blocks one avenue of possible plotlines and role-playing chances with characters’ own children. That is naturally an opinion of a father of two lovely daughters 😉 If you really can’t live with some results your character got from these tables, rerolls are allowed by burning 1 BP each time. My elven thief got ‘Tone Deaf’ for his flaw so he can’t possibly sing or play any instruments really convincingly if he would have to act as some one renown for such skills.


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