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Mastering the Hack, Character ‘hackground’

Back to fleshing out my first Hackmaster Basic character. Character background is optional chapter in the rules but unless you have a very clear character concept in mind it is very useful. Character background is determined by series of die rolls. You can use BPs to reroll if you don’t like the results but why not just write something up yourself instead using these background tables. Some results can give minor bonus or penalty to BPs itself though.

The first step is character age. For elven thief it is 130+d12. My character turns out to be 134 years old. Generally thieves have the lowest starting age and mages are oldest. Human thief can be as young as 17 and elven mage can be 248 years old when they start adventuring.

Next in turn is physical measures, starting with height. I roll d100 on the table for elven male and the result is 59 inches. That’s just barely under 150 cm for us more used to metric system. The weight is determined by using Body Mass Index. BMI is rolled randomly on different dice depending of the race and the weight is calculated with that knowledge. Elves roll d6 and my thief gets a BMI of 28. At the first sight the BMI scales seem to range from overweight to morbidly obese but remember we are not using SI metrics but inches and pounds for measures so the BMI scale is also different. The math to find out weight is not rocket science. My character weights (59 x 59 x 28) / 1000 = 97,5 lbs (or 44 kg). Slender as an elf should be. The next d100 roll tells he is right-handed.

Then we find out more about his family with couple of more rolls. His birth was legitimate and his parents were married (at least at the time of his birth). Next two rolls tell that his father has passed away since his birth. Then we get to see the quality of his parents. His mother was loving and took care of the character. This nets in 2 bonus BPs. His father however was ill-equipped with good intentions but unskilled as a parent. combined with that earlier result we can assume the father passed away when the character was still very young. He also has 2 siblings. One brother and one sister. Next two rolls indicate however that his sister is also deceased. Next we find out that the character is the firstborn child and the heir of his father’s possessions. Finally I roll 2d12 plus turning modifier from Charisma score to find out the character and his brother have Natural relationship. They are not enemies or devoted friends either.

That’s a good skeleton for character background. Next time I’ll flesh it out with some suitable details from the Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. And it is time to give him some good name. Any reader suggestions?


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