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Mastering the Hack, part 2

Let’s continue with the character building. I realised I had made a small mistake already, concerning the bonus to Charisma score from high Looks. It isn’t very clearly told in the rules but it looks like character race must be chosen before making that change. Some races modify Looks up or down so that affects the final bonus also.

The Hackmaster Basic rulebook includes the very basic tolkienesque races: Dwarves, Elves, Halflings and of course Humans. Other races are compared to humans so humans get no modifiers to their stats like the others according their classic characteristics. Dwarves have better constitution, elves look good and are charismatic and halflings are more dexterous, to name few examples. Three ‘nonhuman’ races also have listed some other pros and cons including low-light vision, free purchases of skills and some preferential talents.

Choice of race affects also the BP cost to select character class. Humans again are versatile and can buy all classes for the same and rather low price. Other races have again some price fluctuation depending on their races’ stereotypical characteristics. Dwarves can be mages with high cost and Halflings can be thieves almost for free.

Halflings and Elves look tempting choices for my character but they also have some restrictions. I’ll choose my character to be of elven stock as I want to explore different aspects of the game system. The racial choice will affect the ability scores like this:

Strength     11/12 -->  9/12
Intelligence  9/50 -->  9/50
Wisdom        9/02 -->  9/02
Dexterity    15/14 --> 17/14
Constitution 16/60 --> 12/60
Looks        13/30 --> 15/30
Charisma      8/86 --> 10/86 --> 12/86 (Looks 15 gives +2 bonus to charisma)

This is one nimble and charming elf. He can certainly promise riches beyond imagination to the poor people whose pockets he will empty at the same time. He also gets a nice list of free skill purchases and preferential talents. (I’ll get back to those when choosing skills and talents.) However elves are rated small creatures regarding their starting hit points and knock back effects. They are only slightly shorter than humans but their slender build must be reason for this size category. On the contrary the shorter dwarves have thick bodies and are thus rated as medium creatures regarding those same aspects.

Now I have 100 BPs to spend plus 1 bonus BP from charisma to spend on some charisma related skill. At this point I could also use some BPs to raise the fractional scores of the stats but most of them are too low to get reasonable bang for the buck and raising charisma to 13 wouldn’t affect much. So I’m happy with the stats as they are now.

The next step will be selecting class and alignment for the character.


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