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RPG campaign of the moment

Currently my role-playing gaming is in the role of a player in a D&D 4th edition campaign. This campaign has its roots in a classic red box D&D basic set campaign started about one year ago. Our gaming group has total gaming experience of well over a century and we play a variety of games, changing turns every now and then. Last year we wanted to explore the very beginnings of our adventuring careers with the red box that was in its times the first RPG with Finnish translation available. When the characters reached the range of switching to the Expert Rules we put the campaign on hiatus for a while.

Meanwhile we tried out the 4th edition D&D with the strict RPGA rules and Living Forgotten Realms adventures. I still have my old RPGA membership with rights to DM games so we tried that out for a short while. However the RPGA rules were too much for our group and we called this experiment over.

Later during the summer we tried out Burning Wheel system set in the Westeros (Game of Thrones anyone?). This was an intriguing game with complex intraparty character relationships as is often the case with BW games. Unfortunately the summer time with vacations and a newborn baby for one player hindered the gaming sessions too much to really get the wheels on fire. The short BW campaign ended finally with one character killing another while drunk.

The summer went by and our red box DM had some more time in his hands again and we played our red box characters one final time in the Grand Duchy of Karameikos to have some magical maelstrom to transfer them to another world (crafted by the DM himself) and during the process they found all new powers with the D&D 4th edition stepping in once again.

This time the game is running little more smoothly as we are more familiar with the rules and the usage of miniatures and power cards (instead of Maptools, which is a fine tool also) and without the chains of official RPGA characters. Still I’m not entirely sure if the 4th edition system really makes me happy. I can’t still avoid the feeling that the system is too balanced and the classes feel too much the same.

I would like to try Hackmaster Basic soon as I have run a long D&D 3.5 campaign in the Kingdoms of Kalamar some years ago and I really like that sandbox setting with its well thought details.


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